One of our signature projects focused on product design as well as the unique shopping experience.

Logo, logo, logo
Knowing the target group inside out, we knew we had to deliver an honest, and sporty piece of identity.
Explore the new element
Each color of brand has its own character and visuality. Each slogan is there to give it the final touch.
Oh dear board!
Delivering an unheard-of kiteboard was the ambition from day one here. a group of mega sporty nerds has developed a unique kiteboard construction, and we made sure to make it look as good as it works.
Stay in the vibe and shop anywhere
…a promise we enable our clients to keep by developing responsive and intuitive e-shops truthful to the identity and high standards.
A little bit of retropunk in your pocket
Responsive, intuitive and fun web and mobile design.
A series of hq commercial vignettes highlighting the quality in details. Video and production.
Looks different...
Photo production and post-production with a unique signature style.
Less is More
It is based on Dynamic Compositions and Basic Color Spectrum.
Levit Pen
Logo • CI • web design • e-shop • print deliverables • promotion • 2017
Presentation website • photo and video production • printed media • marketing strategy • 2016
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